Low Tea at the Blue Whale

95% love it
An island must-do
This bar has a sunny patio and indoor dance floor with theme nights and cheap drinks.


    • cindy.diamondss
      cindy.diamondss Over a year ago
      Loves it

      is a Amazing place to meet & dance with boys All ages~
      i like them all sweet & very lovely with me! classy & sassy.

    • jeh319
      jeh319 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Beautiful Pines Fire Island! Great Music! Hot Men!
      The highlight of a summer in New York is Low Tea at The Blue Whale in The Pines, Long Island. Crowded yes, but a friendly, mixed crowd. It is fun to go with friends or alone; it is easy to feel comfortable.

    • skier74
      skier74 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Yes, a must-do, but really really crowded
      Of course, Low Tea is a must-do at least once over the weekend. I do suggest getting there early, around 6 or so, so you can get situated and get a drink. The crowds start pouring in after 6:30 and usually by 7 you can't move and it takes a while to get served at the bar. That's really no fun! The Planters Punches are great (if pricey), but don't have more than two if you want to find your way home after.

    • archangel
      archangel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place! (bartenders make anyone feel at home)
      I checked out LowTea just this Monday to find out about the place and have a good time and indeed it is a great bar to hang out. Very good music and excellent spot just beside the dock. I would certainly recommend this place to my friends. But bartenders, if you see any newcomers at your place please make them feel welcomed, whether they're Asians, colored, or however different. Not all gays that go there or might want to go there are 'Stepfordy' as you maybe used to most of the time. Your bar is great but please don't be indifferent, be gayfriendly to all. You have a very great place!